Best HP 2023 14″ FHD IPS Laptop -2023

With a long history of producing excellent products, HP has long been a market leader in desktop and portable computing. One of the best laptop lineups in the industry, it offers everything from cheap PCs and Chromebooks to different touchscreen laptops and large-screen gaming notebooks.

For students, gamers, and casual users, there are various Chromebook models available today. You will receive a high-quality notebook with a stylish design, top-notch specs (for the money), and performance to match, all at an affordable price, regardless of the product you choose.

Shape Factor

It’s crucial to decide whether to choose an HP laptop with or without a touchscreen. If you decide against the former, we advise searching for items with 360-degree rotating screens, such as the HP Envy x360 or Spectre x360. By choosing a touchscreen, you can convert your notebook into a tablet or a touchscreen platform for video streaming and teleconferencing. HP furthermore sells touchscreen laptops for less money that lack a 360-degree hinge.

Graphics and Processor

Each AMD or Intel CPU that HP offers in its PC laptops and Chromebooks provides a dependable combination of power and energy economy. We advise you to think about 12th generation or more recent Intel CPUs. The AMD options to choose from are the Ryzen 5000 series CPUs and later variants.

You should choose an HP laptop with a potent NVIDIA graphics card if you intend to use it for gaming. The crucial piece of hardware will guarantee fluid gameplay with finely detailed images. The finest options are from the GeForce RTX 30 series; the higher the model number, the more powerful the component.


A laptop’s display resolution shouldn’t be less than Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), as this will give you a more detailed viewing experience with clearer images and videos. Don’t choose lower-resolution screens unless you’re buying on a very limited budget or are determined to obtain as much screen-on time as you can between charges.

Laptop computer HP Pavilion Plus 14-inch

I’d advise most upgraders searching for a PC notebook without a touchscreen to get the HP Pavilion 14 Plus. Because to its elegant appearance, all-metal construction, premium hardware specifications, and outstanding performance, the Windows 11 notebook is the most exciting HP Pavilion I have used. Even better, the item has a very reasonable pricing.

The strong 12th-generation Intel processor included inside every Pavilion 14 Plus laptop will provide years of dependable performance. The laptop also includes a top-notch webcam, surprisingly potent Bang & Olufsen speakers, and a great selection of wired and wireless communication features.

Convertible 15-inch HP Envy x360 laptop

The 15-inch Envy x360 is deservedly one of the best products in its category and is HP’s best touchscreen laptop for the majority of customers. The large-screen laptop boasts a stunning and adaptable design, a quality build made of recycled metal and plastic, and hardware specifications that are future-proof for years of excellent performance.

The Envy x360’s 360-degree touchscreen enables easy conversion from a conventional laptop to a tablet or a platform for watching videos. The Bang & Olufsen speakers on the gadget are also quite good.

The Envy x360 15’s sub-10-hour maximum battery life appears to be a bit of a letdown, but thanks to HP’s rapid charging technology, you won’t have to worry about being stranded next to a power outlet.

14-inch HP laptop

The greatest option for those looking to update on a low budget is without a doubt this 14-inch HP PC notebook. The Windows 11 notebook, which has a price tag well below $500, has a sophisticated design and surprisingly excellent hardware specifications. These include a strong AMD chip and graphics, a clear display with anti-glare coating, and an excellent selection of wired and wireless connectivity features.

Together, the hardware components enable this reasonably priced notebook to provide a total experience that defies its price tag. As with the notebook’s upgradeable RAM and storage, its battery life is also remarkable for the money and it has quick charging features.

Laptop HP Victus 16 gaming

PC gamers of all skill levels might consider the HP Victus 16 laptop. The gaming rig features a tastefully modest design, excellent technical specifications, a large screen with a fast refresh rate, and performance to match. Also, the product’s price tag of under $1,500 is excellent for a gaming setup with such cutting-edge hardware. You may take advantage of powerful games without spending a fortune.

The Victus 16 can consistently run the most well-liked video games of today at a fluid frame rate and with fine quality. The RAM and SSD storage on the laptop are upgradeable, so you can increase their speed and capacity as needed.

Spectre x360 HP

If you have no limits on your new PC budget, the HP laptop to purchase is the 16-inch Spectre x360. The big-screen 2-in-1 PC is the most stylish, effective, feature-rich, and long-lasting option on this list, and it is well worth its high price. It has features that rival those of a desktop computer, top-notch performance, and a lengthy battery life in a portable design that weighs less than 4.5 pounds.

The 16-inch OLED touchscreen of the Spectre x360 will make every interaction, from pushing through work to enjoying 4K HDR entertainment, feel like a special occasion thanks to a greater resolution than conventional 4K and millions of individually lighted pixels. Because it’s a premium HP laptop, the screen can be used with the included stylus pen, and there are four excellent Bang & Olufsen speakers all around it.


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