Detailed Evaluation Of IPhone SE 2023

Notwithstanding the debate surrounding yes, yes, no, the iPhone SE 2022—Apple’s most current “mid-range” smartphone with the iPhone 8 (2017) design—has recently risen to the top of the list of names mentioned. Aside from the phone’s undeniably outstanding performance, camera advancements, and design flaws, the screen is the subject of the most heated debate. Everything has a purpose, of course, and the explanation will be revealed in the next iPhone SE 2022 review.

iPhone SE (2022)

The following is a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone SE 2022 based on The Verge’s assessment.


  • Performance as strong as iPhone 13 series.
  • Excellent build quality with IP 67 water resistance.
  • Support years of software updates.
  • Good price.


  • The 4.7-inch screen is tiny, the display space is narrow.
  • The camera lacks a night mode.
  • The lowest storage configuration is 64 GB.

Review iPhone SE 2022: Where is the point worth the money?

First, I will summarize the configuration parameters of iPhone SE 2022 for you to follow easily!

  • Screen: 4.7 inch size, IPS LCD Retina HD panel, 625 nit brightness.
  • CPU: Apple A15 Bionic.
  • Operating System: iOS 15.0.
  • Internal memory: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.
  • Rear camera: 12 MP resolution.
  • Selfie camera: 7 MP resolution.
  • Battery: Can watch videos for 15 hours continuously, support 20W fast charging.

iPhone SE (2022)

I believe the iPhone SE 2022 is a fantastic mid-range phone, even without the 4.7-inch screen’s traditional style. This phone will be a wise investment for more than VND 9.8 million because it almost probably will continue to get software updates for many years to come. The iPhone SE 2022 also supports 5G and uses Apple’s newest and best chipset, the A15 Bionic, both of which are examples of the upcoming improvements in wireless technology for mobile devices.

iPhone SE (2022)

Other noteworthy upgrades include a bigger battery and some software-based camera tweaks. The most unique feature is that customers may still utilize Touch ID to activate the home button in instead of clunky Face ID security and gesture control. Because of this, the iPhone SE 2022 might be a good option for them or for people who prefer a smaller screen but still want an iOS device. Some, though, may disagree with me and believe that this time-honored design—the best one left over from the past—is a little out of date.

The classic iPhone SE 2022 front with an “old-fashioned” screen 

Although the iPhone 8 chassis SE utilizes for me is a classic, below it is Apple’s newest A15 Bionic mobile processor, which is different from yet similar to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. only one-half the cost. Thus the iPhone SE 2022 performs like a true flagship when I use it every day. Programs launch swiftly, and even the well-known video game Genshin Impact, which has a visually complex UI, functions without any issues. It is entirely conceivable to establish that the iPhone SE 2022 can perform excellently in all areas that smartphones costing more than $1,000 can.

iPhone SE (2022)

Unfortunately, the machine’s tiny screen makes this poor performance impossible. IPS LCD display, 4.7 inches, HD Plus resolution (750 x 1,334), high brightness enough for outdoor use. I’m not saying this is a horrible screen. Nevertheless, operating at 60 Hz will severely restrict the device and make it impossible to compare to OLED displays. The text content will require extra scrolling because this smartphone has one of the tiniest screens currently available.

iPhone SE (2022)

Even though, as I mentioned above, the phone is capable of running smoothly, I frequently feel as like I am running out of room when playing a game on my phone in landscape mode and swiping to the left of the screen to advance the character. even the graphics-intensive games, but using a narrow, congested screen is far less fun than using a widescreen with more room for acting.

iPhone SE (2022)

Even in the phone’s native gallery app, where the “pause” button is squeezed into a narrow navigation bar, I had to be cautious to use it. This is just one example of how the SE feels constrained when playing games. When I view a video clip in landscape mode, the top of the screen appears. The Facebook app’s bottom icons are practically all lined up next to one another. On occasion, Instagram will place the warning directly beneath the battery icon. The 4.7-inch 16:9 screen is not designed for the majority of modern online browsing or application interfaces, thus the visual appeal of the most recent versions is unmatched.

iPhone SE (2022)

iPhone SE 2022 battery capacity: Fly away the previous negative words!

The battery life of the iPhone SE 2020 falls short of what is considered “mid-range” pricing, thus stamina, a new feature, has been created to address this issue. 2022 iPhone SE battery. With the A15 CPU, the new iPhone SE boasts a bigger battery and better power management. Apple claims that this causes the majority of consumers to wait an additional two hours for charging. I used numerous screens with high brightness for a day and a half of moderate use and a full day of intensive use, including some video recording, gaming, and other activities.

iPhone SE (2022)

Since that the iPhone SE 2022 is not designed to be used for activities that consume a lot of battery life, such as watching a lot of films or playing games that need a lot of graphics, it is reasonable to assume that most users will only use the device for a short time. days of use from one charge. This is a substantial advancement over the previous generation, one that may influence a user’s decision to choose a 5G-enabled handset over one with a high configuration.

iPhone SE (2022)

Although conventional Qi wireless charging is still available, Apple has chosen not to include MagSafe wireless charging capability to the iPhone SE 2022. This capability is uncommon on phones under $11,000,000, therefore it is also viewed as a plus for the phone. In the mid-range market, the iPhone SE 2022 with IP67 dust and water protection is likewise regarded as “unusual,” similar to the previous generation.

iPhone SE (2022)

Limited internal memory and 5G connectivity of iPhone SE 2022

Although if it isn’t very well-liked right now, the 5G standard will be a useful feature in the future. The iPhone SE 2022 does not adhere to the mmWave standard but does support 5G networks (applied in the US). Due to the machine’s capability for low and medium bands, this is likewise not particularly significant. Because iOS consumers do not have as many 5G device options as Android users have, Apple’s new iPhone SE will be a driving force in the adoption of 5G. You can feel safe purchasing the product as long as the 5G connection speed always performs at its peak level under all circumstances.

The cheapest iPhone SE 2022 model has 64 GB of internal memory storage; however, if you compare it to other phones in the same price range, you will be disappointed to learn that the minimum internal memory is 128 GB, 256 GB is typical, and additional cards are available. up to 1TB external storage. If you rarely download apps, don’t take many photos, or have iCloud, you can use the extra 64GB. If you want to use this phone for the foreseeable future, I advise most people to purchase the 128GB version, which costs an additional $50.

iPhone SE (2022)

Small screen will not hinder the future of iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE series has been viewed as Apple’s exclusive approach to iOS as well as the vast ecosystem of “tech guys” at the most competitive price since its initial debut in 2016. There is nothing to fault with features like iMessage, Facetime, or Search. Only Apple has the astonishing accomplishment of updating phones that are six or even seven years old to the most recent operating system. Although it lacks some of the new capabilities of iOS 15, it already has excellent support for older products.

iPhone SE (2022)

As an illustration, I booted the 2016 model of the iPhone SE and downloaded iOS 15. And it did succeed. The fact that the phone I put in the toilet and abandoned in the dust four years ago still functions with iOS 15 is impressive, but not as great as any modern smartphone.

iPhone SE (2022)

The 2022 iPhone SE’s conundrum is presented here. Software upgrades will be provided for the gadget for many years to come, outlasting the benefits the small screen provides. As it is evident that phones are not growing smaller and that screens are increasing in size, web and app developers are also making plans for this. Even if the phone is still running iOS 21, the 4.7-inch screen is already regarded as small, so I can only imagine how much smaller it will be in 2028.

The camera of the iPhone SE 2022 is very good if it’s not low light

Apple claims that the single 12 MP f/1.8 camera on the iPhone SE 2022 is an entirely new camera system with optical stabilization, without providing any technical details. A 7MP f/2.2 selfie camera is featured on the front of the gadget. The surprising aspect is that the camera specifications are remarkably comparable to those of the iPhone SE 2020, possibly as a result of advancements in software techniques and processor chip technology.

You won’t find too many phones with only one rear camera these days like the iPhone SE 2022, although the hardware specs sound modest, the image quality is definitely good enough for everyday snaps. With just one lens, this module can also capture lovely portrait mode images.

iPhone SE (2022)

The new processor offers a number of software-based improvements for the 2022 generation, adding Apple’s Deep Fusion technology for increased detail in mid- and low-light conditions. It’s a feature that automatically interacts under certain conditions, I can say that shots of static subjects in complex indoor lighting conditions look very detailed.

Photos taken from iPhone SE (2022)


Not that you shouldn’t purchase an iPhone SE 2022, though. That you simply want a moderately cost smartphone that will get you through the day without any issues, and that you won’t mind the small screen for at least the next few years. This is the iPhone for you, whatever the issue. a quick, 5G-capable gadget that will undoubtedly receive software updates in the future.

If you are a devoted fan of Touch ID and a small screen, I believe the iPhone SE 2022 is the phone you should buy. Nevertheless, this may not be the last time we see this design on a new product from Apple. Because technology is developing so quickly, if we see another SE smartphone in two years, it probably won’t have the large screen bezel and Home button. For the majority of us, the iPhone SE 2022 continues to be a capable small phone with a timeless design.



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