First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Review

Performance, battery life, and the selfie camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus have all been significantly enhanced. The Plus version’s design has also been tweaked to look more premium. Let’s TGDD assess the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus’s specifications using today’s article to determine whether or not this device is anticipated.

1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Phone Overview

The Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra trio will be released by Samsung in early February 2023, as anticipated. One of them, the S23 Plus, has caught the attention of many users thanks to a casing that perfectly satisfies the requirements of a flagship phone.

Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus phone

2. What’s new in Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus phone configuration?

Elegant design

Examining the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus’s design, it appears that the product, which is similar to the most sophisticated model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, concentrates mostly on the camera cluster after removing the camera module. The gadget also comes in 4 vibrant, appealing hues for consumers to freely select according to their preferences: blue, black, purple, and cream.

The Galaxy S23 Plus has not changed in terms of other characteristics; it still has a delicately curved design, an incredibly thin bezel, and a rear camera cluster. Due to its Armor metal frame, most recent Corning tempered glass, and IP68 water and dust protection, this Samsung phone is also incredibly durable.

Design with 4 youthful colors

AMOLED screen with Quad HD + resolution

The Galaxy S23 Plus has a screen that is comparable to its predecessor, the S22 Plus. It is 6.6 inches in size, with Dynamic AMOLED 2X panels with Full HD + quality, and supports HDR10+ mode. The Galaxy S23 Plus claims to give consumers a vibrant and genuine entertainment area thanks to a premium screen outfitted with a number of cutting-edge technology.

The Galaxy S23 Plus’s screen, in particular, features a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, making every screen operation incredibly fluid. Even when using the smartphone in direct sunshine, the maximum brightness of 1,750 nits guarantees sharp display details.

High-end monitors are equipped with a series of advanced technologies

Professional camera

The Samsung S23 Plus boasts a 23% larger sensor than the “Blue Eyes” camera of the Galaxy S22 Plus from the previous year. The Galaxy S23 Plus from this year will be more comprehensive.

Several reports claim that the device’s selfie camera would be enhanced to 12MP resolution and furnished with a variety of technologies to enhance image quality, hence enhancing night selfies.

Selfie camera upgraded to 12MP resolution

The Galaxy S23 Plus, which will debut in early 2023, is the middle child in Samsung’s new lineup of flagship devices. The screen and back panel are composed of Gorilla Glass Victus 2, while the frame is built of Armor Aluminum, a unique metal created by Samsung. The phone boasts a 6.6-inch flat OLED screen, which is significantly larger than the 6.1-inch OLED on the base model Galaxy S23 and slightly smaller than the 6.8-inch curved OLED on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The screen loses some of the 1440p resolution that the S23 Ultra gave but has the same 120Hz adaptive refresh rate (which can drop to 48Hz) and outstanding 1,750 nits of peak brightness. The most recent Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is located underneath the display and can recognize your biometrics without the bothersome flash required by optical sensors.

With the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung standardized the body design and gave all three models floating camera lenses on the rear. The S23 Plus resembles a larger version of the S23, and like the earlier model, it does not support the S Pen. In comparison to the Galaxy S22 Plus, Samsung was able to increase the battery capacity from 4,500mAh to 4,700mAh and increase the base storage from 128GB to 256GB. What else is new, other the absence of a headphone jack? The sole I/O is a bottom-mounted USB-C 3.2 connector that supports charging rates of up to 45W.

Improved battery capacity

It is anticipated that the Galaxy S23 Plus will have a larger battery than the Galaxy S22 Plus. With a total battery capacity of 4700mAh, the device’s battery capacity will specifically rise by 200mAh.

On the current market, the figure is thought to be quite high, enabling you to use comfortably all day on a single charge. In addition, the Galaxy S23 Plus offers 45W rapid charging, which will let you to minimize charging time and resume your game immediately.

Using a battery is 4700mAh

Super performance

The incredibly powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which has a Cortex-X3 CPU core with a main frequency of 3.36GHz and a GPU core with a main frequency of 3.36GHz, is installed in the Galaxy S23 Plus. This chip’s frequency ranges from 3.36GHz to 719MHz.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip currently in use only has a main CPU core clock speed of 3.1872GHz and a GPU core clock speed of 680MHz. With the support of this potent chip, the Galaxy S23 Plus excels at every activity and enables you to play high-quality games conveniently and without lag.

Galaxy S23 Plus is equipped with powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip

Latest operating system

Beginning in early 2023, the Samsung Galaxy S23+ will run the most recent version of Android, Android 13, on the OneUI 5.1 user interface. With a number of new additions and bug fixes, Google has released Android 13. Using the smartwatch to unlock the smartphone is one unrevealed function that Google omitted to mention.

Google created a function named “Nearby Unlock,” according to information from reliable sources at RPRNA source. With this function, the user can unlock their smartphone using their timepiece.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus uses the latest Android operating system - Android 13



In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is a beautifully designed, solidly constructed smartphone that seems to offer enough of performance and high-quality cameras supported by a strong mobile CPU.

Customers will find that the base model in particular offers better value than previous Plus models because it has twice as much storage, an improved cooling system, and a significantly larger battery—all for the same price as the Galaxy S22 from the previous year. Nonetheless, I’ll reserve my final judgment until I’ve given the phone a thorough test.

Phantom Black, Lavender (seen), Cream, and Green are the colors available for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, either unlocked or through carriers. Lime and Graphite are two of the two unique hues that are only available if you buy directly from Samsung. In the US, the S23 Plus is compatible with all significant 5G networks at sub-6GHz and mmWave frequencies.

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