Review iPhone XR After 2 Years Of Launch: Is It Still Worth Buying?

You might not be aware, but the iPhone XR has been Apple’s best-selling “super product” for numerous quarters running now in 2019. Why then does the iFan community show such enthusiasm for this product? Is the current iPhone XR still worthwhile for technology users to purchase nearly two years after launch?

Review iPhone XR review: Still has a luxurious design, many colors to choose from

Regarding the iPhone XR’s aesthetics, the tech world hasn’t yet criticized it for being antiquated because it has a special “quality” that only Apple products have. Because of its opulent design, many people continue to choose the iPhone XR when they wish to upgrade their current devices rather than picking mid-range or high-end items from other brands. and the incredibly strong configuration it has. The solid metal construction of the iPhone XR gives it a characteristic notch shape and minimal screen boundaries, making it incredibly durable and opulent. On the back, there is a single camera system in the upper left corner and the Apple Defect logo in the center.

review iPhone XR

The iPhone XR also has the most color options for users, including White, Black, Blue, Orange, and Yellow, with the amazing Red color being the most popular.

Review iPhone XR review: LCD screen but impressive display quality

iPhone XR is a version that, unlike its brothers released in 2018, lacks an OLED screen and instead uses an LCD screen identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 8 Plus. Yet, this does not mean that the iPhone XR’s display is of inferior quality. With a dimension of 6.1 inches, a resolution of 1,792 x 828 pixels, and a pixel density of 326ppi, Apple has tuned the LCD screen on the iPhone XR for precise and stunning color display.

review iPhone XR

Review iPhone XR review: Powerful configuration

Apple is a renowned manufacturer known for outfitting its products with potent configurations. This manufacturer does not chase after configuration or camera races, but instead just concentrates on optimizing the most hardware and software to provide the best user experience. The highly effective Apple A12 Bionic CPU is created utilizing the cutting-edge 7nm technique, according to user reviews of the iPhone XR, to maximize multitasking power and efficiently conserve power. 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB memory options are available to accommodate each customer’s needs and budgets while supporting efficient processors.

review iPhone XR

Users may be confident that they will continue to experience new features from Apple as well as seeing the device’s multitasking capabilities becoming better and better optimized because the iOS operating system is supported for upgrades year after year.

Review iPhone XR: Single camera but taking photos to remove magical fonts

The following iPhone XR review points out that while this model only has a single main camera on its back, Apple has altered the software used to support it so that it can shoot photographs with magical background removal similar to those produced by devices with dual cameras now on the market. Users may capture clear, incredibly detailed, and lifelike images with the 12MP sensor. A 2-tone LED flash, optical image stabilization, and the capacity to record 4K video at 60 frames per second serve as its supporting features.

review iPhone XR

The 7MP selfie camera on the front of the iPhone XR allows for wide-angle shooting and works with the integrated sensor array to facilitate Face ID, which gives consumers safe facial recognition.

iPhone XR: a single camera

  • The same camera as the main iPhone XS sensor
  • No telephoto

While the iPhone XR offers the same ‘standard’ lens as the XS, it lacks the telephoto second sensor, so has to do some fancy tricks with software to compensate.

This means you aren’t able to zoom in as far with the XR, as the telephoto lens offers (relatively) lossless photography at two times zoom, while portrait mode, where the background is blurred out, isn’t as effective.

You can still take a portrait shot and have the background attractively blurred to keep the focus on the subject, but unlike with the iPhone XS, you can’t take pictures of objects and animals in the same way.

This is due to the fact the software can’t identify those subjects as easily from the single sensor, where the additional hardware on the more expensive XS is able to draw on more info.

iPhone XR: the Liquid Retina screen

  • 6.1-inch LCD screen
  • 828 x 1792 resolution

Apple is never one to shy away from some marketing hyperbole, and the iPhone XR comes with a different type of LCD, a screen that’s been designed to allow it to make this curved, ‘all-screen’ display.

The effect is much like the LCD screens Apple has made before, to be honest, as they’ve always been colorful and sharp, but with the ‘Liquid Retina’ display things are supposed to closer to the high-end OLED screen.

We’ll delve more into the quality of the screen later in this review, but it’s one of the key differences you’ll want to consider if you’re thinking about going for the less-costly iPhone.

Review iPhone XR review: Battery life is quite impressive

When it comes to the battery, the iPhone XR has a 2942mAh battery, which allows for continuous use for 10 hours or a few days with typical usage, addressing a common complaint from consumers about phone weaknesses. iPhone’s battery drains too quickly, which degrades the user experience.

review iPhone XR


In order to give a convenient user experience, the iPhone XR is also outfitted with fast charging and wireless charging features, which must be addressed in this evaluation of the device.

  • Better battery life than the iPhone 8 Plus
  • All-day life

Apple believes you’ll be able to get 90 minutes more battery life out of the iPhone XR than the 8 Plus, which is a big jump in real terms.

If you play a lot of games, or watch a lot of videos, you’ll likely need to charge it before bed, but on average the iPhone XR battery life is reliable.

Perhaps that’s giving Apple a little too much credit – after all, there are plenty of Android phones out there that can utterly smoke the iPhone range for power longevity, giving you far longer between charges.

Apple has offered terrible battery life for years, incrementally improving it to be ‘just good enough’, and the iPhone XR is the first iPhone we haven’t had a real worry about day to day.


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