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Learn more about the Samsung QN95A TV, the company’s top-of-the-line Neo QLED TV model, from our TV expert.

The top model in Samsung’s Neo QLED TV lineup is the QN95A. We’ve been seeing QLED screens from Samsung (and other companies, for that matter) for a while now, but this Neo QLED model stands out since it gives Samsung’s flatscreen lineup a brand-new backlighting technology.

In terms of subjective comparison, Quantum Tiny LED technology brings the range much closer to competitor OLED Televisions by better handling HDR picture quality. Bright highlights are significantly more precisely defined, and blacks are deep.

But this powerful 4k television’s attraction extends beyond just that. The QN95A also features a multi-channel OTS+ sound system and cutting-edge Neo Quantum 4K picture processing. We dragged a 55-inch model onto our test bench to find out more.

Review of the Samsung QN95A (QE55QN95): Summary

Samsung’s QN95A should be on the top of your list if you’re searching for a stunning 4K LED TV with no-compromise performance. The introduction of Micro LED technology raises the bar for QLED and provides dynamic, colorful vision that is suitable for viewing in bright environments, watching movies, and playing video games.

With four 4K 120fps inputs and Samsung’s new Game Bar interface, the set is especially well suited to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The One Connect Box is what distinguishes this model from those from other companies and the majority of Samsung’s own products. Everything connects to a separate One Connect Box, which is then connected by a single fiber optic cable to a screen, as opposed to connecting your TV aerial, set-top box, or gaming console directly to the screen. The screen is now simpler to put on the wall.

What is the Samsung QN95A’s function?

A Neo QLED LED TV featuring the cutting-edge Samsung Tizen smart platform is the Samsung QN95A.

It has all popular catch-up TV players but no Freeview Play terrestrial tuner.
The QN95A can provide brighter peak highlights than OLED Televisions because of its brand-new Tiny LED backlight.
For a more consistent, cinematic viewing experience with Amazon Prime Video, it supports HDR10+ in addition to normal HDR.
It includes eight speakers and Object Tracking Sound Plus technology. Moreover, it works with Dolby Atmos.
Owners of next-generation consoles may optimize their TVs for the greatest aspect ratio and the shortest input lag thanks to Samsung’s new Game Bar interface.
A PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console can output high frame rate games at 4K 120fps to all four HDMI inputs.
Together with Samsung’s own Bixby smart assistant, the QN95A also supports Google and Amazon Alexa.

Is the 55-inch Samsung QN95A TV a decent buy?

Due in significant part to the QN95A’s use of the newest Micro LED technology, expect to pay a premium for it. The Samsung Q80 QLED models, which employ a traditional backlight, offer a comparable range of features and functionality without the steep price tag. Yet, given that the QN95A is priced about in line with competing OLED panels, we still think it is a decent bargain.

Features of the Samsung QN95A (QE55QN95)

One of the best-specified premium linked portals now available is Samsung’s Tizen smart platform, and as it is displayed on the QN95A, it is quick to explore and simple to use.

A bottom-of-the-screen launcher bar gives you access to everything you need. It has a well-designed interface that is comfortable to use.

Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple TV+, YouTube, Disney+, and all the major catch-up TV players, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, and UKTV Play, are all part of the extensive streaming offerings.
Moreover, there is Samsung’s innovative new control panel, the Game Bar. From this point, you can choose a custom aspect ratio, such as 21:9 or the extreme 32:9, change input lag, and other options.

We consider this Neo QLED TV to be a fantastic option for gamers. In regular Game mode, input lag was recorded at just 10.1ms (1080/60), which is an excellent result.

Design and configuration of the Samsung QN95A (QE55QN95)

A stylish flatscreen with a premium finish is the QN95A. The chassis is only 25.9mm deep, and a thin bezel surrounds the screen. It is fixed to a pedestal in the middle.

The package includes two remote controls, a conventional pointer with several buttons, and a more straightforward alternative that, unusually, incorporates a solar cell panel that can be charged using indoor lights. Instead, you can like to use the USB C connector to charge.
The supplied One Connect Box, which is about the size of a TV box, is the only source of connectivity. As a result, your AV rack will need to make room for a new device. You won’t need to find another power outlet because the single One Connect fiber optic connection that connects to the screen also supplies power in addition to sound and vision.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles’ 4K 120 fps footage can be played back on any of the four v2.1 HDMI inputs. Moreover, HDMI 3 supports eARC as well as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and other features.

Three USB connectors, Ethernet, and an optical digital audio output are additional connections. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are covered by wireless support, and Apple Airplay 2 is also supported.

Image quality of the Samsung QN95A (QE55QN95)

For image clarity, the QN95A deserves two enthusiastic thumbs up. The use of that Micro LED lighting results in an image that is consistently cinematic. A new and enhanced Quantum 4K CPU with multi-intelligence deep learning is also included in the set, providing better visual nuance and image texture. Although there are several processing modes available, we suggest sticking with the set’s Intelligent Mode because it effectively handles all content formats.

Using Netflix, Amazon Video, and Disney+, we discovered that the QN95A performs admirably in HDR, but there is a catch. While the set is compatible with HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+ Adaptive, the latter makes better use of the set’s light sensor to manage HDR and does not support Dolby Vision.

Given that Netflix, Disney+, and the majority of 4k Blu-rays employ this standard dynamic metadata scheme, this might be a deal-breaker for home theater enthusiasts.

That said, its HDR performance never let us down. In highly light spaces, all QLED TVs seem fantastic, but the QN95A might be the greatest one yet.

Sound quality of the Samsung QN95A (QE55QN95)

When it comes to audio, the QN95A is no wimp. The TV has a sophisticated version of Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound Plus (OTS+) technology, and with no less than eight speakers active, two of which are located high up on the back, you can count on loud noises and a lot of motion on the screen. Think of stereo on the upswing.

Moreover, the set has Q Symphony technology. The speakers in the TV and the soundbar work together harmoniously for optimum aural intensity when utilized with a compatible 2021 Samsung soundbar. The display supports Dolby Atmos. For completely immersive audio, you may route Atmos audio from the TV to a ready Dolby Atmos speaker or home theater system.

The aforementioned Intelligent Mode on the QN95A is useful for other purposes as well. Also, it aids in the set’s audio performance by automatically utilizing a variety of intelligent technologies, such as Active Voice Amplifier and Adaptive Sound+ dialogue enhancement, to boost dialogue when necessary.


We believe the QN95A is an easy recommendation if you can afford it because it represents Samsung TV at its very best.

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