The Best 75-inch TVs 2023 – Top 5+

Manufacturers are introducing more models in the 70 to 77-inch range as large TVs gain popularity. There are no 77-inch LED TVs available, however LG and Sony frequently release OLED Televisions at that size. Since there aren’t many 70-inch Televisions available and they often cost less, it’s simpler to select the best 75-inch TV with an LED panel than the best 70-inch TV. There is no ideal TV for everyone, so it depends on your demands, your spending capacity, and what you want to watch. Not sure what size you should get? In order to determine whether a 75-inch TV is the correct choice for you, be sure to use our TV Size to Distance Calculator.

These are our suggestions for the top 70-75-77-inch TVs to buy after purchasing and testing more than 375 different models. If you prefer something bigger, have a look at our selections for the best Televisions, the best 65-inch TVs, or the best 80-83-85-inch TVs. Please vote on which 2023 lineups you want us to purchase and test first as the majority of brands will shortly begin to release their 2023 models. Visit our 2023 TV lineup page to learn more about the models in 2023.

1. One LG OLED77C2

The LG C2 OLED does a fantastic job of filling the screen with its 4K resolution, even though 75-inch TVs do seem nicer with an 8K resolution. Due to the OLED TV’s amazing black levels and color richness, you can acquire one for a reasonable price.

The new Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor, which is intended to provide better object enhancement and dynamic tone mapping than its predecessor, is one of the improvements for 2022. Also, you get “virtual surround sound” as a result of the TV’s upscaling of stereo information into 7.1.2-channel audio. The audio performance is good for a flatscreen TV, and there are a variety of sound modes available, so you should be able to find an audio profile that meets your needs even though we weren’t impressed by the boasts of virtual surround sound.

The PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S are the ideal partners for the C2 OLED because in addition to these upgrades, it brings over the four distinct HDMI 2.1 connectors from the C1 OLED.

Yet the LG C2 isn’t perfect. Comparatively to the new QD-OLED models, off-axis color saturation does slightly decrease when you travel to the left or right of the screen, and LG doesn’t support either the IMAX Improved or HDR10+ format.

There are, of course, higher resolution flatscreen TVs out there right now like the Samsung QN900B, which offers 8K resolution, and the new upgraded LG G2 OLED that has a slightly higher peak brightness, but for the price, this is the absolute best TV you’re able to buy right now.

2. TCL 6-Series (2022) (2022)

The latest iteration of TCL’s flagship TV, the 6-Series, not only upholds but also improves upon the company’s longstanding record of offering good value and stunning picture quality. The new 6-Series, which debuted in late 2022 and is available in screen sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches, provides gamers on a budget as well as moviegoers with an excellent big-screen alternative.

The mini-LED tech utilized in the 6-Series offers great brightness, while a quantum dot layer boosts color reproduction and full array local dimming processing creates deep and detailed shadows. The television’s Dolby Vision IQ technology enables high dynamic range images to look good in both low- and high-light conditions. HDR10+ and HLG are also supported.

A pair of HDMI 2.1 inputs on the 6-Series TV enable the gaming capabilities, which come with built-in support for 120Hz, Variable Refresh Rate (up to 144Hz), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Also supported is FreeSync Premium Pro, making TCL’s flagship an easy pick for gaming.

One of the most appealing TV alternatives on the market right now is the new 6-Series. Given the price, this series is incredibly feature-rich and performs significantly better than typical.

3. Sony XR75X90K

The Sony X90K offers amazing performance for its pricing and is a fantastic bargain. Deep blacks are produced via its local dimming and full-array LED lighting. Enhancements to brightness and color are also present in addition to the LCD panel’s quantum dots. We thoroughly loved watching this TV during our testing, especially with a 75-inch screen.

This TV’s brightness is adequate, but it isn’t as strong as other TVs on the market. For a more brilliant option, check out the Sony XR-77A80K in this guide. The Sony A90K has some blooming and uniformity problems. Yet, it also has a lot to love, including as its ATSC 3.0 tuner, Google TV interface, and video and audio quality.

This is a fantastic 75-inch TV for gamers as it has a ton of capabilities, including two HDMI 2.1 ports and support for 4K/120Hz, VRR, and ALLM. This TV is also Perfect for PlayStation 5, a Sony initiative that optimizes the image when a PS5 system is attached by turning on both Auto HDR Tone Mapping and an Auto Genre Picture Mode.

But not just for gamers, this TV. The Sony X90K series can produce deep, detailed blacks for movie watching, and its peak light output is strong enough to make it a decent option for daytime sports viewing as well, according to what we said in our evaluation.

Even if this 75-inch TV isn’t flawless, it offers excellent value for the money and should please even picky viewers

4. Hercules 75U6G (US)

One of the greatest 75-inch TVs for 4K TV consumers on a budget is the Hisense U6G ULED TV. Far more affordable than the company’s earlier attempts with the H8G Quantum Series

The price difference between the U665-inch G’s and 75-inch models is even slightly less, with the latter’s little lower cost undoubtedly being more appealing to those looking to go big. And given the U6compatibility G’s for HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG formats, we’d say the larger option is well worth it. With these choices, you may receive a beautiful, sharp image for a reasonable price.

There aren’t many drawbacks, but we didn’t like the remote that came with the U6G. Compared to the relatively straightforward, minimalist designs of Apple TV or Google Chromecast remotes, it’s a tad bloated, but it’s not a deal-breaker. You’ll also want to invest in a soundbar, as like most other Hisense Televisions, the default speakers aren’t the greatest.


8K Televisions truly start to pay for themselves after you reach a 75-inch screen, too. That’s because at that scale, the significantly greater detail is guaranteed by the higher number of pixels compared to 4K (33 million as opposed to 8 million). A 75-inch 8K TV unquestionably differs from a 55-inch 8K TV in terms of impact.

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