Toshiba WK3 – REVIEW TV 32 inch From [A-Z]

As we tested the 32-inch Toshiba 32WK3C63DB smart TV’s picture quality, sound, and design, find out how we liked it.

Review of the Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB): Summary

If you want a small screen smart TV with an internet connection that is reasonably priced, the Toshiba WK3 is the perfect choice. Whether you want to binge a box set in bed or watch Corrie on catch-up from Freeview Play, its picture is more than enough for the price.

Important characteristics:

Freeview Play Bluetooth built-in compatibility with Amazon Alexa Benefits:

great value for the money

Freeview Stream catch-up music over Bluetooth on the Toshiba Smart Centre Cons:

720p resolution only
not a Disney+ app

The Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB) performs what?

An HD-ready smart TV with Freeview Play is the Toshiba WK3.
It has a sophisticated platform with many TV streaming apps.
Even though the WK3 only supports 720p HDR, it is HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible.
With the 12W audio system, DTS: Virtual X processing is included.
Three HDMI connections are available for connectivity, making them appropriate for game consoles, TV boxes, and DVD/Blu-ray players.
Design and configuration of the Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB), a smart speaker for Amazon Alexa
The WK3 may not be a catwalk star, but it nevertheless has a nice appearance. It is 78mm deep due to the typical LED backlight it employs, but the gloss black bezel isn’t overly huge and the central stand fits easily.

The very bright green Light that glows from the front of the TV when it is on is our only design complaint.

Downward firing stereo speakers are used

Three HDMIs are located around the back, one of which has ARC (Audio Return Channel) for use with a soundbar. A USB connector, an optical digital audio output, and a headphone jack are also included, in addition to the standard phono AV and VGA inputs. If you’d rather connect this TV to your network by cable than Wi-Fi, there is an Ethernet network connector.

Although you can connect a gaming console, you shouldn’t consider utilizing the WK3 as a gaming monitor. In game mode, we recorded an input lag of 33.4 ms. That’s acceptable for social gaming, but it won’t impress seasoned fraggers.

A full-size IR remote control for the TV comes with buttons specifically designated for Amazon Video, Netflix, and Freeview Play.

Image quality of the Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB)

For its class, the WK3C delivers a respectable picture performance. The display may be HD Ready, or 720p, rather than 108op HD, but from a regular viewing distance, you won’t really notice the pixel gap. It’s also curiously HDR-ready. It’s significant that HDR is mentioned here as we often only discuss it in regard to 4k televisions. Programs on Netflix are certainly marked as HDR.

Naturally, the little WK3 can’t really do much with this information because it’s just not bright enough. However, we value the effort. Similar to picture settings, there isn’t much of a distinction between Natural, Cinema, Sports, and Dynamic.

Yet, it serves the purpose for routine viewing.

Sound quality of the Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB)

With such a small screen, there is a surprising amount of volume available, and you can choose to use conventional Dolby or DTS Virtual X processing. Dolby Audio Smart, Cinema, Music, and News are some of the available options. The Dolby Audio Smart Mode actually caps the volume between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am, which is generally not a good idea and seems a bit harsh.


You can choose between the Music, Film, and Sports modes using the DTS Virtual X option. The TV may also be turned into a wireless speaker by utilizing Bluetooth to connect it to your smartphone. When activated, the screen plays your Bluetooth music while muting broadcast audio.

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